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                                                                                                   Failing to submit your WSP & ATR will result in zero B-BBEE points for your Skills Development                                                                                                  and you will automatically drop a BEE level, even if you did training it will not count at all!!

SDF Services

SDF Consulting brings our clients an outsourced Skills Development Facilitator function aligned with the Skills Development Act, Skills Development Levies Act, Labour Relations Act and B-BBEE Act; to ensure your organisation can not only meet your internal training needs, but also gain maximum points for your Skills Development on the B-BBEE scorecard.

If you need to comply with B-BEE, submitting your Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports is crucial to ensure you meet all the requirements.

You can claim back 20% Mandatory Grant and 49% Discretionary Grant from your relevant QAP (SETA) of the Skills Development Levies you paid to SARS you can use these funds for your skills development, this will automatically count towards your Skills Spend for your B-BBEE. Sometimes the SETA can even grant you more if you have a proven track record of uplifting through skills development.

These funds will assist you to reduce the amount of expenditure required to meet your B-BBEE targets for Skills Development.

By implementing the correct training programs, learnerships, mentoring programmes and bursaries you can easily reach the 20 points (26 points Construction). This is an easy win on the B-BBEE score card.

When you do skills upliftment for your Socio-Economic Development or Supplier and Enterprise Development, this is also a double count for your Skills Development spend.

SDF Consultants will be able to guide you and implement all the correct skills development programmes to ensure you receive maximum B-BBEE points for your Skills Development.

Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL)

SDF Consultants can also assist your staff to upskill through RPL, this provides the opportunity to receive recognition for the skills and knowledge acquired through years of experience in the industry.