RPL Advisor Services

What Does RPL Involve?

The type of evidence people need to provide in order to demonstrate their learning will vary depending on the purpose for which they are

using RPL. Evidence of learning can be gathered in a number of different ways and learners will be provided with guidance on the method

to be used. Learners will be supported in the gathering or production of this evidence.

Although not an exhaustive list, the following examples are a range of approaches that could be adopted:

·         project work

·         professional discussion or oral assessment

·         assessment on demand

·         observation of practice or simulation

·         existing work-based learning practices in evaluation and assessment

·         portfolio of evidence

·         structured interview


The main points to keep in mind are that the evidence should be appropriate, in terms of type, level and breadth, to the RPL

process being used and should be as streamlined as possible. If a learner is seeking recognition of his or her learning to gain entry to

a programme or course at a college, university, or learning and training provider, the RPL claim will be assessed by an expert at the

relevant organisation. The purpose of this assessment will be to confirm that the RPL claim is an appropriate alternative to the

normal entry requirements.


If the assessor is satisfied that the learner has the knowledge and skills for the learning claimed, the learner would be awarded

entry to the relevant programme or course. If a learner is using the RPL process to seek credit within a programme or course at a

college, university or learning and training provider, the claim and associated evidence will be considered by assessors at that

institution. Credits can only be awarded if the claim is formally assessed via the organisation’s assessment processes e.g.

by an approved assess or for the qualification concerned.


The assessment criteria for RPL claims for credit require that the learning demonstrates:


What will the RPL Advisor do?

The RPL Advisor will be your mentor and guide you through the process. The RPL Advisor will do the following:

·         providing learners with information and guidance on the RPL process

·         helping learners to understanding the ways in which they can learn through their experience and the RPL process

·         helping learners to understand and use the NQF Level Descriptors and the learning outcomes of their required qualification/learning

programme or the specific requirements as the benchmarks against which their learning will be measured

·         supporting learners to identify learning gained through experience, selecting and producing evidence of that learning, and identifying

areas for further learning

·         providing guidance on gathering and presenting evidence of learning to the accredited college, university or training provider

·         identifying a college, university or training provider and assisting the learner with the application for credits

·         working with the college, university or training provider and assessor in order to understand the requirements for assessment so

that the learner can be guided appropriately


The RPL Advisor will also support the learners in their reflection on their prior experiences in order to identify their learning and the

potential evidence of this learning. This will be done by completing an RPL Profile of the learner.

What will the Learner do?

·         agree to the terms and conditions of the RPL process

·         make the required payments before any work will be completed

·         take full responsibility for your own work and compiling and completing the evidence required

·         clearly mark and indicate what evidence is for what outcomes as per the Evidence Collection Guide

·         submit authentic evidence – no third-party evidence will be accepted

·         complete and submit evidence within the agreed timeframe or pay late submission fee (maximum of 3 months)

·         never expect the RPL Advisor to provide you with answers, you want the credits, you have to proof your competence

·         ask when something is unclear


The RPL process is subject to the Skills Development Act, NQF Act and SAQA regulations and quality assurance is key in the process.

Next Step

·         Contact SDF Consulting for further information if you have any questions on the process on rpl@sdfconsulting.org.zaand a

qualified RPL Advisor will contact you for a telephonic consultation.

·         Request an RPL Application Form and complete the form. Make the non-refundable application payment and submit proof of

payment with your RPL Application form and the required documentation

·         A separate application will have to be completed for each qualification, or single unit standard you apply for.

·         Follow the steps provided in Phase 1 -3 with the guidance and support from your RPL Advisor

·         If you qualify for RPL, the Evidence Collection Phase invoice must be paid within 60 days otherwise the application and payment

will expire and anew application and payment will have to be made thereafter.

·         You will only receive the Evidence Collection Tool Kit two weeks after full payment is made as your RPL Advisor must compile

the tool kit based on your personal application.

·         Accredited training provider fees is a separate process and pricing depend on the training provider.


Important Information About the RPL Services

·         SFD Consulting (PTY) Ltd is not an accredited training provider and only provide you with a qualified RPL Advisor service.

·         You are responsible for the payment to the accredited training provider as this is not included in the service fees of SDF Consulting.

·         SDF Consulting does not guarantee that the accredited training provider will accept the evidence compiled during the process – it is the accredited training provider’s right and responsibility to request more evidence.

·         You are only allowed to RPL 50% of a qualification; thus, the accredited training provider will require some work to be completed as proof of your competency, this can be in the form of a questioning, knowledge test, FISA exam (QCTO) or any other form of evidence the provider deems necessary.

·         The RPL Advisor is not responsible to compile the evidence on your behalf, you have to collect and compile the evidence and take full responsibility for your own portfolio.