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SDF Consulting is working in association with  BEE Consultants and Versifiers to ensure we assist our clients with the best guidance on your  B-BBEE 

B-BBEE Priority Elements:

A concept of priority elements has been introduced, where a sub-minimum of 40% of the Ownership net value score, Skills Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development are required.  Should large companies not meet this sub-minimum in all three, their BEE level would drop 1 level whereas QSEs would drop a level only if Ownership and 1 of the other priority elements are not met.


Although an entity will be awarded their points scored, non-compliance with the Priority Elements will result in dropping 1 level for not reaching the sub-minimum scores on Priority Elements.

Even failing to reach only 1 sub-minimum of the priority elements, will see the entity dropping 1 level. Important to note, is that entities will not drop 1 level for each Priority Element not reached – only 1 level will be dropped if any Priority Element is not complied with.


Skills Development 

As Skills Development is one of the priority elements on your BEE scorecard, this is one of the easiest ways to gain points. Skills Development make up 20 points and can score an extra 5 points of your BEE scorecard.

If a company does not score 40% of the 20 points, they will automatically drop a level on the B-BBEE. A company cannot claim any Skills Development points if the following are not submitted and adhered to:

       Preparation and proof of Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) submission

       No mandatory training was conducted in the organisation, legally required training like health and safety, as these can also be calculated for skills points.

Other scorecard elements you can also meet with Skills Development are:

       Socio-Economic Development – Assist an Early Childhood Development Centre by upskilling their staff and developing their business

       Corporate Social Investment/ Corporate Social Responsibility – Assist an Early Childhood Development Centre by upskilling their staff and developing their business