Manage your Skills Development and Employment Equity

SDF Consulting offers our clientele a unique solution, where we guide and assist you to be able to manage your own Skills Development and Employment Equity for your organisation, achieve maximum B-BBEE scores and receive TAX incentives.

A triple score by outsourcing and learning the first time, implement and gain there after…

Employers offering learnership programmes to persons living with disabilities can claim up to R60 000 for the initiation of the learnership, and another R60 000 when the programme concludes from the South African Revenue Service. If you had 10 learners at the end of your learnership programme, bringing the tally to R120 000 per learner and a net profit of R2m before tax, R1.2m would be exempt from tax, meaning your organisation would only be required to pay a 28 percent tax fee on the remaining R800 000.